Mega Move In Belfast

Motorists in west Belfast had to do a double take on Sunday morning as one of the biggest ever abnormal loads made its way to the docks - very slowly!
Specialist tank manufacturer and designer Silotank, based at Springbank industrial estate in Dunmurry was transporting a Monster Hopper to the port of Belfast for shipment to Norway.
Silotank was completing a £700,000 export order to deliver 18 tanks to the Scandinavian customer, having won the contract last year against stiff European-wide competition.
The Monster Hopper was 10 metres long by 7.9 metres high and 7.4 metres wide making the overall length of the specialist vehicle just under 30 metres long! Not an easy move to undertake through Belfast!
"The movement through the west and north of the city was very complex, but the end result is that it got there to meet a ship which has been chartered specifically to transport the tank to the customers site in Norway".
Seamus Carmichael, Silotank MD said, "The successful completion of this order has demonstrated our company's and indeed Northern Ireland's ability to compete on the international stage".

Text from Irish News - 28/1/08
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